Weed Control

In the Bible, after Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit, God cursed the earth to produce weeds. He said, “You will eat bread in sweat, until you return to earth, for you are taken from it, for you are ashes, and you will turn to dust.” (Genesis 3:19)

Weeds are part of life, but if you have a good strategy, it’s much easier to handle. Most people don’t like weeding and putting off for later. Then, if it seems that their garden needs weeds, their removal can take a long time.

Best strategy

The best strategy is to lose young plants. You can use a hoe and easily remove most weeds. If you’re missing a hoe once a month, it won’t take long. The main weeds appear in early spring, when a lot of water and shoots only sprout.

Weed control apps

Again, small weeds are much easier to eradicate than large ones. If you start when the weeds are small, you can kill them with easy introduction. Large weeds absorb much more poison and can even use them several times. The main purpose of weed control is that it takes less time than manual weeding. If you have a large pasture or field that is out of control, this may be the only viable option.

Most people find Round Up very effective. It will kill weeds and even grass. Other use for lawns and destruction of only broadleaf plants; like dandelions. If you hire a lawn fertilizer company such as Chem Lawn, you can let them water the weeds for you.

Large areas of gravel – soil killers

There is a remedy for weeds called Pramatol, which you can get in the Association of Intermountor farmers. It is produced in the form of white pellets. You can put it on the ground and it will take care of all the weeds for a year. However, if you read the container, the soil will be sterile for up to three years. We’ve only seen it work for a year, but it only works great with just one app. This product should be used with caution.


Some weeds can be sprayed multiple times and they will not die. In addition, you can pull them out by hand and they almost never come out of the roots. An example of this is Morning Glory. What should the owner do?

You can wait for them to die and hit hard next spring when they first germinate. And since most of you don’t like that answer, I’m going to give you the opportunity to get rid of it right away. You can take a concentrated tool to fight weeds and very carefully, using thick rubber gloves and eye protection, apply to plants a concentrated means to fight weeds with a brush or cloth. High concentration is sure to kill weed. Never throw it on the grass. That would be dangerous for humans and would violate federal law. The goal is to use as little as possible and get the job done.

Another option is to use a propane burner. You can buy special propane burners designed only to burn weeds. It’s a quick and simple method that works well.

In fact, you need to avoid toxins as much as possible. They are harmful to people or the environment.


Maybe you want to polish everything. This will certainly give the house a general revival, but soon the weeds will return. It is best to spray weeds first and wait a week or two; then slams the weeds. Not only does the poison work better down to the roots, the added weeds make it difficult for them to survive.


Disinfectants kill the soil. They are used when the soil is somehow contaminated. For example, the Fairy Ring on the lawns. Disinfectants are better trusted to professionals and, as a rule, as a last resort. In most cases, the floor is better to replace.

Why do you need them?

Many hate weeds and garden care. Every year they have a constant barrage of weeds. Usually the problem lies in the design of the garden plant. A good design will result in a small amount of weed. The biggest mistake is that people do not plant enough plants in the garden. If the flower beds are filled with desired plants, weeds will be difficult to take root. The same applies to the lawn.


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