Preventing Weeds – An Effective Way to Survive Battle in the Garden

Probably the worst enemy of your garden – weeds. It is difficult to protect your garden or lawn from weeds. Most people found it difficult to keep their plants from these weeds, even though they are lawn experts, these invaders are not easy to eradicate and complete control is impossible. However, planning your actions can help you succeed in dealing with these unwanted plants. But first you need to understand how they work and what weeds you are dealing with.

Weeds are called poisonous plants or generally they are undesirable, and usually weeds are everywhere. In gardening weeds are just natural, and like other plants, they also need water, sun and food to survive (that’s why they are on your lawn). Weed seeds spread through the air, which means that they can be carried by people, animals, insects and even water. Even mowers can spread seeds, making your lawn vulnerable to weed. Another thing is that weeds can be both perennial and annual.

Choosing and planning your preventive measures are based on weed detection and their life cycle. Both are important because there are weeds that either naturally die off at the end of the season or identify the weeds that grow in your garden, you can determine whether they are harmful or poisonous. Dandelion, plantain, crab grass, dock, daisy, ivy, moss, genbit, sourdew and yellow nutmeg are the most common weeds.

Here are some tips to keep weeds from growing on the lawn:

Find and cultivate good soil. Plants prefer fertile, less dense soil, on which few weeds grow. On the other hand, weeds love poor compacted soil. Some are suitable for growing in wet soil, while others are suitable for dry soil. Regardless of the soil, you can move the lawn to the right, and moderate soil can help.

Often mow. Cutting weeds will help prevent weed growth, but otherwise mowing can bring weed seeds.

Mow at the right height. Trimming the lawn to a minimum height will cause a sharp increase in weed seeds and plants due to the sunlight they receive. Longer lawns protect weeds from the sun, preventing their sudden growth.

Once these actions are done weeds will grow mercilessly, here are some more tips that you can use.

Evaluate and correct. Although your lawn is healthy and weeds are still growing, it is very likely that other gardening factors have been overlooked.

Remove the weeds. Pulling the weeds manually is effective, but you have to make sure that the entire grass root is also torn out so that it cannot recover.

Choose weed killers. Herbicides are a good option, but this cannot be taken lightly, as there are concerns about environmental safety and toxicity levels. Weeds need to be properly identified, read labels, ask questions and exercise caution if you decide to proceed.

Seek professional help. It would be helpful to consult with a lawn care company. Look at what the workers are saying. The company will not stop you from using herbicides without talking beforehand about what can cause the growth of endemic weeds.

Repairing the lawn. Maybe it’s time to change the lawn and start over.






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