The Best And Worst Of A Visit To Munich

Now celebrated in major cities around the world, people don’t always have to travel to Germany to get a taste of German culture. If you’re out and about all day, you’ll want a comfortable bag or purse to store your travel essentials: wallet, phone, camera, ipad/kindle/book, umbrella, journal, etc. For your peace of mind, you might even want one with special security features. Click here to read my guide to buying the best travel bag.

While you’re at it, check out our guide to Munich’s best bars. There’s something about seeing this magical city for the first time that gets your heart going. Munich is a majestic city, from its collection of world-class museums to the beer-drinking culture that’s as fun as its reputation suggests, perhaps even more fun.

Even if you don’t mindlessly ride on a designated bike path, you can still be hit by it. Even if you drive to the cute seaside resorts, there are parking spaces. However, you can choose to park on the outskirts of the city and enter. Often referred to as “Mad King Ludwig”, due to his eccentric attitude and taste, Ludwig II of Bavaria is widely known for building Neuschwanstein Castle. Perched high on a sheer rock, Neuschwanstein inspired Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

We walk and use public transport when exploring cities. But for you, readers, I have now compiled the final list viaggi oktoberfest of tips for visiting Germany. They are peculiar things that can disorient even the most experienced traveler.

Tourism in Munich is very popular, so you can often encounter large crowds of tourists and tour groups. It can almost be trampled by large groups, especially in the big attractions such as Dachau or the Residenz. Munich is great in the off-season, or just plan to get up early and watch the crowds if you’re visiting Munich in the summer.

These lanes are on the side of the road or on part of the sidewalk. In the latter case, it is quite easy to accidentally wander around in the space allocated to bicycles, but this is highly inadvisable. In bars and restaurants, the bill is brought to the table and this is where you pay: tip and all. Gratuities are usually included in the bill; Money that remains on the table after payment may not end up with the staff. It’s not uncommon to see people patiently waiting for zebra crossings in Munich, even when there’s no traffic.