160 Driving Academy

Although bad weather is beyond your control, it is possible to be more organized to reduce both the risks and potential accidents that occur in your fleet this winter. While distraction is never a good thing when driving a motor vehicle, it can be inferred to be particularly dangerous when driving near or around trucks. If you read our statistics on truck accidents, you know that distracted driving is one of the most common causes of truck accidents. Having the right knowledge is not enough to protect your drivers from road accidents. In addition to experience and awareness, they need tools and safety equipment if it is unlikely to happen. Some are made to protect the driver from road accidents by increasing visibility, while others provide the support they need in an emergency or wegram.

Check your mirrors, watch the blind spots and point forward. Remember that most motorists don’t know how to respond to a lane change car, so you have to take that into account. Avoid lane changes during heavy traffic, bad weather or night driving. We all know the old sports ad that “wins the defense championships, but you knew that the defense also keeps truck drivers safe on the road?? One of the essential elements of truck driver safety is learning to drive in the defensive.

Due to the size and momentum of their vehicles, professional truck drivers must learn to anticipate the actions of drivers of other vehicles around them. Part of this training means that you look much further into the future than the typical driver. Unfortunately, some truck drivers and other road users wrongly assume that since the truck driver’s seat is high, they can see the whole vehicle. This can cause cyclists, pedestrians and other drivers to blindly fill in or change lanes, causing fatal road accidents.

Be aware of long braking distances and make careful, wide bends. Tractor trailers have various blind spots called Zonesless. These are located on the front, back and side of the truck and if your car gets stuck there, the truck driver cannot see your car. If you can’t see the trucker in the truck mirror, the driver can’t see it.

This does not mean that they are free from malfunctions or malfunctions, even the most advanced vehicle must be periodically checked for any failure that could cause a catastrophic event. Road conditions can be unpredictable, especially for long-distance drivers who work long hours in many regions or states. The two conditions that most affect driver safety on the road are traffic and bad weather.

How often do truck drivers have to check their mirrors?? Every 8-10 seconds is a good rule of thumb to stay on top of vehicles entering their blind spots. Maintain a good scanning pattern by looking at your mirrors on the west coast, the bell mirrors, the way for you and meters. One of the most important defensive driving tips for truck drivers is anticipation.

Management distractions can include: using the GPS navigation system, changing music, switching on and of course using your mobile phone. These are all extremely dangerous and Used Cars For Sale Athens Alabama can lead to shocks. Using a mobile phone is an alarming problem, as more and more states are enacting stricter laws to ensure that drivers stay behind the wheel of your phone.

Give yourself an even larger space mattress in potentially dangerous conditions. This way you can make the necessary preparations for your vehicle and, if necessary, search for alternative routes. Professional truck drivers who drive safely know that the braking distance is also affected by the weather. Professional truck drivers who drive safely do not drive so fast that they cannot safely stop their vehicles without being involved in a collision. Truck drivers can use these defensive driving techniques to minimize the risk on the road.